Another Webcast on controls customization.

Next week I am going to present a second part of the series on creating attractive UIs on Windows Mobile devices. This time I will show you how to customize built-in controls that come with .NET CF, such as TextBox, DataGrid, ListView etc...

You can register for the web cast here:


The code from the session is available for download from:




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  1. J2i.Net says:

    The next presentation in the 24 Hours of Windows Mobile webcast will be next week. In this upcoming presentation

  2. Dr.Luiji says:

    Wow, The first webcast of the series was great, this second will be better and more interesting.

    Hope to see how use different fonts/color on the same row on ListView SubItems.

  3. Kevin Daly says:

    I just saw the second webcast this morning (our time)…that was great, I’m looking forward to the code being released.

    I hope/assume the same techniques can be applied to ComboBox and (possibly trickier) MenuItems – I’m keen to apply the Owner Draw approach to these to make them not only prettier but also more finger-friendly.

  4. Dr.Luiji says:

    Excellent, this is exactly what I was looking for!

    Its rocks, really useful and great stuff!

    Thank you very much Alex.

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