Mobile MVC framework (part 4) – passing data between controllers

This is the part 4 of the series of the posts related to the Mobile MVC framework that I have described for you in my previous posts. I've updated the framework to handle the scenario of passing data between different controllers: the Controller class now implements two new methods:

public void Initialize(params object[] parameters)


protected virtual void OnInitialize(params object[] parameters)

The NavigationService class has also been updated to support passing the parameters to its NavigateMethod:

public static void Navigate(string name, params object[] parameters)

public static void Navigate(Controller controller, params object[] parameters)

So in order to illustrate the usage scenario I've modified the MVCDemoClient sample by adding a new DetailForm (and its DetailController). This form displays the details of the Product selected on the SearchForm which looks like this:


The code for the SearchForm: 


public partial class DetailForm : ViewForm,




     public event EventHandler OnBackEvent;


     public DetailForm()





     // Callback from the Controller

     private void OnProductLoaded(object sender, EventArgs e)


         // Load the product details into controls


                            this.ViewData.Model, "ProductID");


                            this.ViewData.Model, "ProductName");


                            this.ViewData.Model, "UnitPrice");


                            this.ViewData.Model, "CategoryID");



     #region IView<NorthwindDataSet.ProductsRow> Members


     public new ViewDataDictionary<NorthwindDataSet.ProductsRow> ViewData








     #region event handlers


     private void menuItemBack_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


         if (OnBackEvent != null)


             OnBackEvent(this, EventArgs.Empty);






And now the DetailController:

public class DetailController : Controller<NorthwindDataSet.ProductsRow>



    public event EventHandler ProductLoaded;     


    public DetailController(IView<NorthwindDataSet.ProductsRow> view)

            : base(view)





    // Selected event from the view

    private void OnBack(object sender, EventArgs e)


        // Move back to the search form




    protected override void OnInitialize(params object[] parameters)


         this.view.ViewData.Model = parameters[0]

                            as NorthwindDataSet.ProductsRow;  

         // Notify the view

         if (this.ProductLoaded != null)


             this.ProductLoaded(this, EventArgs.Empty);




In the code above, we override the OnInitialize method into which the parameters from the SearchForm will passed via NagivationService class like so:


private void ShowDetailView(NorthwindDataSet.ProductsRow product)


    DetailController controller = new DetailController(new DetailForm());

    NavigationService.Navigate(controller, product);


This ShowDetailView method is a part of the SearchConroller which is called when a user indicates that a Product has been selected in the ListBox on the SearchForm:


// Selected event from the view

private void OnSelected(object sender,

          DataEventArgs<NorthwindDataSet.ProductsRow> e)




I have also added the Northwind.sdf database as well as the generated strongly typed dataset to the modified sample. This is why you should probably notice the NorthwindDataSet.ProductRow data type which is used to pass the Product data between the controllers. As usual, you can download the sample code with the updated MVC framework.

Comments (6)

  1. says:

    Nice post again, thanks. I’m just missing the updated MVC framework in the attached file.

    And just another idea for some of your next posts – did you ever play with some IoC framework for CF + your MVC framework? I’m currently developing a .Net CF application based on first version of your MVC framework which I connected with IoC ( and it works really nice. I was missing these two concepts (MVC + IoC) in my CF application a lot.

  2. AlexYak says:

    There’s the System.Mobile.Mvc assembly in the Include folder of the project. I am still working on getting the source code published.

    I agree, the IoC is also a good idea.


  3. Sebastian Renzi says:

    Hi Alex, my name is Sebastian, i was doing some kind of Code Kata with windows mobile, and i was looking for some mvc framework to use in my project. This one looks great, i started using it here :

    i will be giving you some feedback, thanks and good job

  4. mrchetanrana says:

    Hi priozersk,

    I am a newbie to mobile application development. The architecture developed by you is very promising and I think it will be well fitted to my requirements.

    I wanted to know if u have released the source code of the assembly after this blog. If not I wanted to know if I can use/disassemble your assembly and customize the code as per my need.

    Thanks and regards,

    Chetan Ranpariya

  5. AlexYak says:

    The latest code is available at codeplex:

  6. mrchetanrana says:

    Hi Priozersk,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I have downloaded the code and started using it. But I need to make the changes as per the requirements.

    I need to know if I am allowed to change the code or it is protected under any copyright law by microsoft or by urself. I can see copyright lines on top of some files in the project so I just wanted to clear my doubts regarding that.

    Thanks a ton again.

    Thanks and regards,

    Chetan Ranpariya

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