Welcome to my new home.

Hi there!

Welcome to the new home for my blog. For those of you who don't know me here is a small blurb about myself:

For many years I've been .NET Compact Framework MVP/Device Application Development MVP and a part of fantastic OpenNETCF initiative. My old blog should be at the same location:

http://blog.opennetcf.org/ayakhnin .

Recently I've joined Mobility group at Microsoft Consulting Services and will continue doing what I love - developing for Mobile devices. And now being inside I hope I'll continue providing you with the tips/tricks in the managed development for Windows CE/ Windows Mobile.



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  1. Synced says:

    Good morning Alex,

    I have been reading your blogs about gesture recognition and really appreciate the sample you posted.

    I am very curious to implement these gestures on an application wide basis.

    I have some questions however. This implementation reports 0,0 Control.Position locations if your gesture begins ontop of a native control such as a button or listbox etc.

    Is there any solution for this?

    For example I may want to scroll the screen downwards on a down-drag gesture however if the form is filled with controls this 0,0 location causes the gesture recognition to fail.

    Thanks and take care,


  2. AlexYak says:

    Hi Simon,

    I’ve just ported the code from vbAccelerator to CF, so there might be some bugs, so you’d need to try to figure them out yourself.

    Thx… Alex

  3. ThinkLikeAPro says:

    Hey Alex,

    I am the guy who took over your work at nymex.com. I found you finally!! Just wanted to touch base with u as I liked ur work and would want to(if you may) continue talking about technology to you.

    Lemme know what u think


  4. AlexYak says:

    Hi ThinkLikeAPro,

    You can contact me at: alex.yakhnin(AT)microsoft.com

    Thx… Alex

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