The new Zunes rock.

If you haven’t lived under the rock for the last month or so, than you should have heard about the new Zunes the Microsoft has released a few weeks ago. So I’ve managed to get myself the Zune 80 on the day it was released and really been enjoying it. On my long flight to…


DataGrid with a custom header and selection.

One of the questions that has recently come up on the .Net CF MSDN forums was on how to create a custom (owner drawn) header in the DataGrid. This person wanted to implement the look similar to the grid that is used in the Mobile CRM application that has a non standard header and row selection. Both…


"How do I!?" videos for device developers.

I was pointed out today to a great resource for developers that are available on MSDN: “How Do I?” Videos for Devices – short videos (podcasts?) available in any format possible that teach beginners or seasoned developers new to the device development how to create applications for devices and answer some of the FAQ’s. The page also…


New Community Site from OpenNETCF

My former colleagues from OpenNETCF have created a new community site. The site will host a source code repository for open/shared code, white papers, articles and white papers relevant to Windows Embedded and Windows Mobile developers and a monthly coding competition. Great stuff!


"Fuhgeddaboudit" sign.

This sign cracks me up every time I pass it:  It’s located on Belt Parkway just before entering the Verazano bridge.


Book on Windows Mobile data syncronization.

Rob Tiffany has been writing the book which is called “Windows Mobile Data Synchronization with SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server Compact 3.1” and he’s been making available chapters from the book through his blog. Don’t miss it. Great stuff.


Implementing MVC pattern in .NET CF applications (Part 3) or Where is the Model.

As Neil has astutely observed, the code that I described in my previous posts does not have an implementation of the ‘Model’ part from the Model-Viewer-Controller pattern. The main reason for this is that .NET CF provides many choices in implementing it (typed DataSets, typed ResultSets, custom business objects) as well as different means for retrieving the data…


Implementing MVC pattern in .NET CF applications (Part 2).

Let’s continue on the way how-to implement the model-viewer-controller pattern in .NET Compact Framework applications that I started in my previous post. We stopped at the point where we needed to figure out on how to connect the LoginController with the concrete instance of the LoginForm. Of course we can create an instance of the LoginController class…


Implementing MVC pattern in .NET CF applications (Part 1).

I would like to start a series of posts devoted to best practices when designing mobile applications. So in this first post I will describe the MVC pattern that I have been using when creating CF applications for the customers. I realize that a lot has been written on the subject, explaning what the MVC pattern is. If…


Welcome to my new home.

Hi there! Welcome to the new home for my blog. For those of you who don’t know me here is a small blurb about myself: For many years I’ve been .NET Compact Framework MVP/Device Application Development MVP and a part of fantastic OpenNETCF initiative. My old blog should be at the same location: . Recently I’ve…