Moving to a New blog

Since I’d left Microsoft a few months ago I am moving to a new host for my blog here:


In the process of updating FeedPoint app.

I am in the middle of updating of my FeedPoint app. Of course I am changing it to work with Feedly API’s instead of Google ones. I am also revamping the UX design for the app. Here’re a few screenhshots of the new Hub page in the app:   The update will be coming soon to the…


Sync Framework for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

One of the DPE’s from France Sebastien Pertus has done an excellent job by porting the SyncFx 4.0 to run against Windows Store and Windows Phone 8 apps. As a local database his code is using the SQLite database which as you know is available for both platforms. Check out Sebastien’s walkthrough here:  …


Windows 8 store apps designs fiesta.

If you are developing Windows 8 apps you’d be interested in these 50 (!) design templates:   Better yet – they all come with the source code for both C#\XAML and JS\HTML! Enjoy!  


FeedPoint Window 8 Store app is released.

My FeedPoint app for Windows 8 Store has been released. You can get it from here:   Description FeedPoint is not just another Google Reader client app. It’s an app that lets you read the feeds in a convenient and intuitive way by utilizing the clean design and providing unparalleled simplicity and readability….


Would you like to debug your apps on your Surface RT?

Tim Heuer has got a blog post on how to do it:        


Tip: How to avoid missing icon for your app in the store.

When submitting your Windows 8 store app for certification don’t forget to update the StoreLogo.png file otherwise it will come up as a default app icon (cross). In order to do that you just need to go to the last tab in the dialog for your Package.appmanifest and make sure that you have updated the Logo…


Charts for your Win8 app.

One of the Microsoft employees Mahmoud Medhat Mousse has created an open source project on which implements chart controls such as Pie Chart, Stacked Bar , Stacked Column , Stacked Line , Line Chart , Area Chart for the Modern UI which as you know were missing from a standard set of controls. You can pick…


The video of the FeedPoint.

I’ve made a good progress in my work to port the FeedPoint app for Win8. Functionality wise it should be 95% feature complete. I’ve recorded a short video of app’s UX:  


Excellent Win8 Labs for developers.

An excellent labs for developers learning how to develop for Win8 have just been published. It’s a step by step walk through on how to create Contoso Cookbook application. I’ve been using these labs for the last few months when working with customers and even for myself when I was starting to learn the Win8 development….