Simple yet powerful

I came across this nugget while reading Steven Sinofsky's internal blog.

I am helping a company design an entirely new approach to one of their standard products. It looks simple. During a user test, one person said that he really liked it, but it was too bad he wouldn't use it. 
"Why not?" we asked.
"Because it isn't powerful enough for my particular problem," he replied.
"Try it," we suggested, "we would like to see where it fails so we can make it better."
Well, it didn't fail. it handled his problem just fine. Looking simple was the culprit. if it looks simple, he seemed to think, it must not be powerful.

PrintVerifier could very easily be the product discussed in the example. At times (both thru this blog as well as thru WinHEC presentations) we might put a lot of emphasis on the simplicity of PrintVerifier. But make no mistake...PrintVerifier is a very powerful tool that will enable you to develop quality drivers and applications.

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