PrintVerifier Philosophy

I thought I’d spend the rest of the afternoon penning my thoughts on metaphysics, epistemology and associated topics. Nah! Just kidding! Our philosophy when it comes to PrintVerifier is that when in doubt DO NOT break. In other words, during the verification process if PrintVerifier detects a potential problem but is not 100% certain about the…

WinHEC is almost here

Whew! The long wait is finally over. One last working day before it is time to leave for WinHEC. Eagerly looking forward to meeting everyone and unveiling PrintVerifier.

PrintTicket/PrintCapabilities verification

One of the really cool features in PrintVerifier is runtime verification of PrintTicket and PrintCapabilities documents. Let’s talk a little more about this feature. We have integrated the essence of the PTConform tool into PrintVerifier. While the PTConform tool is invaluable in its own way, it has certain drawbacks. In order to effectively verify the…


What is a verifier stop?

I was in the process of writing up a few blog posts to do with debugging specific PrintVerifier stops when I realized that we haven’t covered the basic concept of a verifier stop. So let’s do that. ======================================= VERIFIER STOP 0000A012 : pid 0xD68: Leaked PrintTicket providerhandle detected 03320FE8 : PrintTicket provider handle being leaked….


PrintVerifier demo

We will be presenting a demo of the PrintVerifier workflow at WinHEC 2007. You can find a screencast of the demo here. The demo illustrates how to enable PrintVerifier for a process and walks you through the troubleshooting steps to be taken for debugging a PrintVerifier stop.

Simple yet powerful

I came across this nugget while reading Steven Sinofsky’s internal blog. I am helping a company design an entirely new approach to one of their standard products. It looks simple. During a user test, one person said that he really liked it, but it was too bad he wouldn’t use it.  “Why not?” we asked. “Because…