Application Insights in Disconnection Mode

In this post, Premier Developer Consultant Adel Ghabboun gives insight on connectivity issues in Azure and how they may effect Application Insights. He gives details about a special disconnection mode that App Insights can run on when such issues arise. Wondering what happens to Application Insights when applications lose connectivity with Azure? Is telemetry still…

LUIS & Speech API Integration

Ever wondered how to integrate speech and AI into your application?  It’s easy with this tutorial from Premier Developer consultants Adel Ghabboun and Kunal Sinha! Have you ever wondered what are some of the technologies behind personal home assistants such as Cortana, Alexa and Home? Whether you want to tell your personal AI to open…


Application Insights Debug Snapshot issue “Unexpected error has occurred”

This post on the Debug Snapshot feature of Application Insights comes to us from Premier Developer consultant Adel Ghabboun. A couple of days ago, I encountered an ambiguous issue while trying to open the debug snapshot feature in Application Insights following Debug snapshots on exceptions in .NET apps. The error was “Unexpected error has occurred….


Alternative way to protect your Application Insights “Instrumentation Key” in JavaScript

This post on Application Insights and protecting your instrumentation key comes to us from Premier Developer consultant Adel Ghabboun. Application Insights instrumentation key can be used in both Server and client side. Using the instrumentation key in the server side is secured and no one can see it. The opposite happens on the client side…


Azure Application Insights Best Practices

In this post, Premier Developer consultant Adel Ghabboun outlines some best practices when using Application Insights. Here are some Azure Application Insights best practices you should consider when monitoring your application: It is always recommended to create multiple Application Insights resources to split telemetry for different environments, but do we have to? The answer is,…


Resolving Azure ARM REST API Versions Conflict In ARM Templates

This post is from Premier Developer consultant Adel Ghabboun. Usually if you use the Azure Portal Automation Script feature to generate an ARM template and copy that to a new Visual Studio Azure Resource Group project, Visual Studio editor will complain about the API version that is used in the template and suggest a new…