How to Trap Uncaught Exceptions and Avoid 5xx Errors in ASP.Net WebAPI

In this post, Senior Consultant, Tim Omta showcases how to trap Uncaught Exceptions and Avoid 5xx Errors in ASP.Net WebAPI.

I was recently writing a WebAPI 2.x project for a customer that involved file IO, decompression, and database IO. Though the things the API does are not complex, there are many things that can go wrong in any of those types of operations that can cause exceptions to be thrown (SQL parsing errors, IO errors, connection errors, etc). I took steps to catch and deal with the exceptions that I could anticipate, but there is always the potential for some to go unhandled, which results in a 500 class error from the WebAPI. 5xx errors are very generic “Internal Server” errors and difficult to debug in addition to being just plain ugly going back to the customer.

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