How Do I Set Up A .Net Core WebListener With SSL?

In this post, Premier Developer consultant Tim Omta outlines the steps to set up a .NET Core WebListener with SSL.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on Service Fabric and Windows Docker Containers lately. These are natural platforms for .Net Core, which added another learning item to my list: .Net Core.
As a result, I set out to get a .Net Core WebListener web server up and running on Windows Server Core 2016. I chose Server Core because it emulates the kind of environment you’ll be faced with when running on Docker or Service Fabric, which is essentially a bare bones, no UI environment.

I’m not attempting to teach you Hyper-V, Docker, or how to get around in Server Core as they are big subjects by themselves. If you are afraid of the command line, you should not be here until you do some prerequisite learning.

Objective: Set up a .Net Core WebListener Server with SSL on Windows Server Core 2016

Read the rest on Tim’s blog here:

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