US Developer Ramp-up Series

The Developer Ramp-Up Series, offered through Premier Support for Developers, is a collection of webcasts created with the goal of teaching developers basic development skills. No prior knowledge is necessary. The current offering includes a collection of webcasts and hands on lab guides/exercises in the areas of PowerShell, Object Oriented Programming basics, Web Development Basics as well as Azure.

This training series now includes access, on-demand, to 27 foundation-level development titles running about 2 hours each.


Through a Premier Support relationship, ADMs can often recommend high value proactive services based on the support trends and activity of your organization.  Contact your TAM/ADM for more information.

For a list of regional workshop titles and advisory options on any Microsoft technology, contact your TAM/ADM or email us to learn how Premier Support for Developers can help you.

Comments (2)

  1. Sean Liming says:

    Why not open this to everyone?

  2. Reed Robison says:

    Sean – These are just a few of the services available as part of Premier.  MSDN and Channel9 provide quite a bit of similar content available to everyone so definitely check that out.  Also, be sure and check out Pluralsight benefits if you have an MSDN subscription.  

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