Install .NET Core in Linux using Azure Batch Start Task

Follow this link to create a shell script and name it as for ex- Note : The above link is valid for Ubuntu 16.04 version, hence the script can change depending up the Linux distro where you want to install the .NET Core. Please select the required Linux distribution and create the script accordingly….



Recently I was working with one of my customers where he wanted to tweak IIS log field values. The customer was having a load balanced environment consisting of 2 web servers having a F5 load balancer in the front. The requirement was to log the original client IP under “c-ip” field instead of “X-FORWARDED-FOR” in IIS logs. The reason being he was using some kind of reporting tool which parses IIS logs and can only understand “c-ip” not “X-FORWARDED-FOR” field.


Background on Identities in IIS

Before explaining what Application Pool Identities are let me explain what an identity is. Identity in simple terms is a windows account. Every process that’s runs in windows runs under an identity. The applications are executed by the worker process using a windows identity. The windows identity that is used is dependent on the application pool identity which can be any of the following accounts…