I do not see the SSRS Shared Service in SharePoint CA after installing SSRS "Denali" CTP SharePoint mode

After successfully installing the latest SSRS “Denali” CTP SharePoint mode Service and SSRS “Denali” Add-in for SharePoint 2010, if you do not see “SQL Server Reporting Services”  in the Service or Service Application list: SharePoint 2010 Central Admin -> “Application Management” -> “Manage Services on Server” OR SharePoint 2010 Central Admin -> “Application Management” -> “Manages Service Applications”…


Performance of SSRS in SharePoint mode reports in full-page view in SharePoint 2010.

Using SSRS in SharePoint mode version 2008 R2 or earlier full-page report rendering is slower than its corresponding Native mode. This is largely due to SSRS in SharePoint mode comprises Native mode functionality and additional calls to the SharePoint object model APIs for SharePoint integration specific operations. Additionally, for some reports with short Native mode rendering times especially those…

Migrating SSRS 2008 R2 SharePoint mode from one SharePoint Farm to another

In general, master copies of SSRS Content types items like Reports (.rdl), data sources (.rsds), semantic models (.smdl) etc. are stored in the SharePoint content DB and cached on-demand by SSRS in the RS catalog. Additionally, report / data source metadata like subscriptions, schedules, snapshots, stored credentials etc. are exclusively stored in the RS catalog….