How to get a list of updates

Today of my team members asked me, how to get a list of Office and Windows updates. Surprisingly, I realized, that there is no easy way to do it (or at least I couldn’t find it ) – finally came up with following code snippets: ‘For getting a list of office updates ‘— — —…


Tip: Getting text from a WordArt Shape

Here is a quick tip – Although you can’t get/modify the text from a WordArt Shape using “oDocument.Shapes(n).TextFrame.TextRange.Text”, but we can  modify the text using “oDocument.Shapes(n).TextEffect.Text”.     Technorati tags: Tips, QuickPick, Word+2007, Pranav+Wagh, Microsoft+Blogger tags: Tips, QuickPick, Word+2007, Pranav+Wagh, Microsoft+Blogger


Insert from Scanner or Camera

Just I noticed [from a customer complain] that if you have word hosted [embedded] in any active document host, like Excel etc. and you try to do a Insert-> Image from Scanner or Camera, then word crashes. So what resolution do I have for this? not a great one ..I confess but, something is better then…


Here Is A Question!

The title of my previous post was taken directly from on of my customers be frank even i was not very delighted when i came to know that ServerDocument.AddCustomization will automate office.. so the question to all of the VSTO/Office gurus around is …  if there is any other/better solution to the problem or if I’ve…


How To Load Win32 dlls Dynamically In VBA

Well, by dynamically i just mean that i don’t know the path of the dll (or the path will be decided at runtime). now the problem is; you need to add a declares statement to use a function from VB but you don’t know the path so there is no way in which you can…


MapPoint : Using Geofences in MapPoint Location Server Applications

I just came across a cool article that explains how you can achieve many tasks using geofencing that seem un-doable otherwise.but what the heck is geofence ? yeah .. read on according to the article .. A geofence is a geographical region that you define and use to trigger an event when a user enters…


Excel Changes Last Modified Date

I bet life is learning, and there is a good saying in IT “you stop earning; when you stop learning” (never heard this before..ok i admit i made it up :)). A few days i came across a problem simply i wanted to have a small tool that can archive all the XLS & DOC files…


Which Addin Should I Use – 1

I have seen many people asking same question. “which type of addin should i use for office”.. well the answer is always same ..depends ! what is your requirement ? so i planned to have a series of posts explaining which addins should be used and where. Here are a few sample questions and offcourse their…


USING ADO AND ADO.NET WITH EXCEL: Resources and Known Issues

General——-Q326548 HOW TO: Use Jet OLE DB Provider 4.0 to Connect to ISAM Databases;EN-US;Q326548Q257819 HOWTO: Use ADO with Excel Data from Visual Basic or VBA;EN-US;Q257819Q303814 HOWTO: Use ADOX with Excel Data from Visual Basic or VBA;EN-US;Q303814Q278973 SAMPLE: ExcelADO Shows How to Read/Write Data in Excel Workbooks;EN-US;Q278973Q195951 HOWTO: Query and Update Excel Data Using ADO From…