So we are planning to have a way..!! good news

I just checked with my VSTO team contact andrew and i got the info in his own words  “This is not supported in VSTO 2005.We’re looking at what is the best way forward for this feature request in VSTO ‘v3’.” and i am sure you people know why to believe on his words..!!


Do we really like limitations..??

No, We don’t ..!! its once again proved by  maarten have a look at this blog where he tells you how to remove convert the Clasic Worksheet to Extended Worksheet, and whats more if you have any confussion on how to convert it to VB .NET maarten comes back again to hold your hand, i guess…


Security Consideration of Caching:

As you know, the first time a form template is opened, InfoPath copies it into a folder with a random name in its cache. Every time the form template is opened after that, Infopath checks the original location of the form template to see if it has been updated. If so, the cache copy is…


how to allow Administrator chosen certificates to work, but not allow users to trust new certificates ?

There is no direct way to force users NOT to trust a form, but Installing the form copies its name into the Registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\11.0\InfoPath\SolutionsCatalog. “Users” don’t have write access to this key. Only read access.  They’d be able to open fully-trusted forms, but not trust new ones. Then comes the digitally signed form Digitally…