Responding Armagan – Display Thumbnails For Every Page Of A Document

Here is one of the question from one of you regarding the contents on Display Thumbnails For Every Page Of A Document . === Hi. I’d like to thank about your EnhMetaFileBits code, it helped me alot. If you don’t mind I’d like to ask you something about that. Can you please give me any…


Good News For The Access Developers !

Great News !! Now you can download Access Developer Extensions [2007] for FREE !!!! here is the URL Enjoy !!


Display Thumbnails For Every Page Of A Document

Got an intresting case a few days back..  which lead me think about the ways of generating thumbnails of all the pages of a document. Now, why would you need it ?? well ..i don’t know.. maybe you have an app and you want users to click on the thumbnails of a specific page to…


Visual Studio 2005 Tools for 2007 Office System Released!

Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the 2007 Office System (VSTO 2005 SE) is released to web.  This announcement was publically made during the keynote at Tech Ed in Barcelona Spain.  VSTO 2005 SE is immediately available to the developer community for downloading. So whats new in it for you..? well ..This is the third release…


More about Duet .. Just In Case You Don’t Know !

Duet™ for Microsoft® Office and SAP®, Version 1.0 (Duet) provides a development platform for the integration of SAP applications with Microsoft Office. The architecture enables a tight coupling between the Microsoft Office user experience and SAP backend line-of-business systems. Duet is a collaborative effort between Microsoft and SAP. The client framework components are developed and…


Duet Wins ComputerWorld Horizon Award

Today  IDG’s Computerworld, a premier source of IT industry news and analysis, has selected Duet(TM) software as a winner of its second-annual Computerworld Horizon Awards. The Computerworld Horizon Awards recognize the most cutting-edge technologies from research labs and private companies. Duet software was selected for this award by an independent panel of senior IT executives….


Which Addin Should I Use – 1

I have seen many people asking same question. “which type of addin should i use for office”.. well the answer is always same ..depends ! what is your requirement ? so i planned to have a series of posts explaining which addins should be used and where. Here are a few sample questions and offcourse their…


Visual Studio 2005: Issues When Using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

1   Visual Studio Tools for Office does not support multipart XML schemas  Visual Studio Tools for Office only supports XmlMaps that are based on a single primary schema, even though Microsoft Office Excel supports XmlMaps that can be composed of a primary schema and optional supporting schema. To resolve this issue There is no known resolution….


Steps towards interoperability

Yeah, I know long time no B(log). I was real busy those days, but don’t worry I will tell you what was happening all these days and also about some geeky issues that came in between; maybe in next few posts but below is a piece of information that I couldn’t wait to share Your…


USING ADO AND ADO.NET WITH EXCEL: Resources and Known Issues

General——-Q326548 HOW TO: Use Jet OLE DB Provider 4.0 to Connect to ISAM Databases;EN-US;Q326548Q257819 HOWTO: Use ADO with Excel Data from Visual Basic or VBA;EN-US;Q257819Q303814 HOWTO: Use ADOX with Excel Data from Visual Basic or VBA;EN-US;Q303814Q278973 SAMPLE: ExcelADO Shows How to Read/Write Data in Excel Workbooks;EN-US;Q278973Q195951 HOWTO: Query and Update Excel Data Using ADO From…