Couple of issues in PowerPoint 2007

One of my customer reported a couple of very interesting issues (bugs?) in PowerPoint 2007. If you have a presentation which has a shape with a gradient and you try to find out the color of each gradient using GradientStops.Color.RGB from .NET, you might get incorrect results. You can also reproduce this issue from VBA…


Who says I can’t make policies !

  I frequently get user questions on my blog, and I always get confused about how to handle the user requests. Yesterday I discussed this with a few fellow blogger and came up with the following DOs for the given sequence. If you are a  blogger and you have any question that you want me to answer,…


How can I miss posting this !!

 This is extracted from a post by Eric Carter titled Getting Ribbon XML Intellisense in VSTO 2005 SE Here’s a tip–to get Ribbon XML Intellisense working in VSTO 2005 SE, copy the file \program files\microsoft visual studio 8\Xml\Schemas\1033\CustomUI.xsd to the folder C:\program files\microsoft visual studio 8\Xml\Schemas\ Happy Ribbon Hacking! and yes .. Happy Ribbon Hacking…


Insert from Scanner or Camera

Just I noticed [from a customer complain] that if you have word hosted [embedded] in any active document host, like Excel etc. and you try to do a Insert-> Image from Scanner or Camera, then word crashes. So what resolution do I have for this? not a great one ..I confess but, something is better then…


Good News For The Access Developers !

Great News !! Now you can download Access Developer Extensions [2007] for FREE !!!! here is the URL Enjoy !!


Here Is A Question!

The title of my previous post was taken directly from on of my customers be frank even i was not very delighted when i came to know that ServerDocument.AddCustomization will automate office.. so the question to all of the VSTO/Office gurus around is …  if there is any other/better solution to the problem or if I’ve…


ServerDocument.AddCustomization on Server? its a bummer !

Here is the story ! i wanted to add a customization assembly to my document on the fly the scenario is .. i will have an ASP page that will enable users to upload a few documents, now..on the server i will add a customization assembly to it using “ServerDocument.AddCustomization” ..looks simple .. but hold…


Display Thumbnails For Every Page Of A Document

Got an intresting case a few days back..  which lead me think about the ways of generating thumbnails of all the pages of a document. Now, why would you need it ?? well ..i don’t know.. maybe you have an app and you want users to click on the thumbnails of a specific page to…


Visual Studio 2005 Tools for 2007 Office System Released!

Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the 2007 Office System (VSTO 2005 SE) is released to web.  This announcement was publically made during the keynote at Tech Ed in Barcelona Spain.  VSTO 2005 SE is immediately available to the developer community for downloading. So whats new in it for you..? well ..This is the third release…


Ask Me!

If you are here you already know atleast something about me, but just to set the expectations right; i am a Support Engineer in “Visual Studio Office Developer” team. Our goal is to provide developer technical support and resolve customer issues involving automation, extensibility, integration and development with the Microsoft Office family of products including Word, Excel,…