OpenXMLDiff vNxt – Just an easy way of doing things

  Hello Guys – As I told you in my previous blog post, that I am working with Eric on the updated version of OpenXMLDiff. The good news is, I have it ready! It’s uploaded on Go, Play with it …  So, I am sure you’ll have many questions – what’s different? what’s changed?…


Here is a news, I am acting as a volunteer

Surely, I am volunteering for something that we (you and me) like playing with Here is the story – I really liked the utility that Eric is working on Going through the post, I noticed that Eric is looking for volunteers for converting the project to GUI to work on some possible enhancements, I…


One more step in the right direction, native ODF support in Office 2007 SP2

Did’ya see dat! I am pretty exited about these developments, As soon as these this is out I want to play with it and see how can this feature be utilized in Office Programmability scenarios Are you surprised ? WHY ? It’s fairly consistent with our idea of promoting & encouraging freedom of choice. Also,…


Creating a new presentation by pulling slides from a presentation

You’ll remember that a few days back I’ve posted a code snippet which demonstrates how to create a PowerPoint presentation from scratch using System.IO.Packaging. Here is the next part of the same code which is “works on my machine” certified 🙂 This is a simple WinForms Application which demonstrates how to  pull the slides from…


Word 2007 “Save As Word XML document” and back without automation – 1

Did you even had a look at new Word XML File? or … like me, you also assumed that it’s going to be same or similar to Word 2003 XML? Yesterday … one of my fellow MSFT was  working on Packaging API to create and modify a document. We had a quick conversation … Manjunath…


Open XML for primary school goers

Ok ..I agree! I was not a simple-sober-studious-obedient-goodie-good student. I do remember when I was a primary school goer, whenever me or any of my friends wanted a leave, we almost always used the same letter template, just modifying a few fields. Yesterday, I was thinking about this. While working on an Open XML issue…


Creating a Open XML PowerPoint presentation from scratch using System.IO.Packaging

Here is how I’ve got to create this sample – One of my customer had a similar requirement when I tried to search a sample for him to demonstrate, I couldn’t find one (blame it on my searching capabilities or whatever .. ) While creating a sample there are a few titbits that I came…


Couple of issues in PowerPoint 2007

One of my customer reported a couple of very interesting issues (bugs?) in PowerPoint 2007. If you have a presentation which has a shape with a gradient and you try to find out the color of each gradient using GradientStops.Color.RGB from .NET, you might get incorrect results. You can also reproduce this issue from VBA…


Open XML Format SDK April CTP – Released !!

It’s there, Open XML SDK April CTP is released, it’s for all of us – the proud office developers 🙂 I was waiting for it!  Erica – thanks a lot … (in fact I was searching for this last week, but couldn’t find it … well, I was a bit early). Also, you might want…


How to use get the HTML contents of the document using IDataObject

Sure, I know there are many ways of doing it –  You can save it as HTML and then read the HTML file or you can use the HTMLProject items from the Word OM or you can just select all the contents of the file and save it to clipboard and read it from there….