Wow.. DLL self help!

Did you ever struggle to know about which dll is included with which product, or which product include which dlls, or a if a specific dll is included with a specific product … ? I did.. multiple times. I just found a good section of which can help you with these. Have a look…


XBOX 360 India Launch Commercial

One of the best launch commercials that I’ve seen till date..this features a very traditional looking looking village ..probably in maharashtra (going by their dress)..which became too XBox -ish.. Video: XBOX 360 India Launch Commercial


Finally I Got A Wallop Invitation

Yeah..i was looking for it since days! well orkut is good but still i was curious to use wallop, and public thanks to Lawrence for this invitation, how did he get the invitation ? hehe he’s got a contact :).  You can have a look at my wallop homepage (yes, its still almost empty…


Thanks To Raymond, I Revamped My Blog UI ! Again !!

Yeah, i did it again! why ? because i felt that my blog is too i wanted to change it as i always liked raymond’s blog so i thought..why not raymond this time 🙂 so just to give you an insight of what have i stole borrowed from raymond’s blog:/* box around post content…


Start Me Up..and Start Menu what’s the correlation?

This is the lyrics of the famous song by “the rolling stones ” If you start me upIf you start me up I’ll never stopIf you start me upIf you start me up I’ll never stopI’ve been running hotYou got me ticking gonna blow my topIf you start me upIf you start me up I’ll…


Whitespace Programming ? Yeah!

Found an intresting thing while web wandering, its an intresting thing to play with ! and please don’t slash me for  adding this post in humor catagory 🙂 below is an excerpt .. Most modern programming languages do not consider white space characters (spaces, tabs and newlines) syntax, ignoring them, as if they weren’t there….


Duet Wins ComputerWorld Horizon Award

Today  IDG’s Computerworld, a premier source of IT industry news and analysis, has selected Duet(TM) software as a winner of its second-annual Computerworld Horizon Awards. The Computerworld Horizon Awards recognize the most cutting-edge technologies from research labs and private companies. Duet software was selected for this award by an independent panel of senior IT executives….


MapPoint : Using Geofences in MapPoint Location Server Applications

I just came across a cool article that explains how you can achieve many tasks using geofencing that seem un-doable otherwise.but what the heck is geofence ? yeah .. read on according to the article .. A geofence is a geographical region that you define and use to trigger an event when a user enters…


Bug in Windows Live Writer ?

Hello I found one little bug ? (or its a community server issue )in windows live writer ! I am going to let windows live writer team know about it but first i thought you should no know about it ..just to set the expectations right .. this post is a sort of “demo of the bug” actually i…


Announcing next BIG THING on Monday GameFeast

If you like coding, games, managed code and Xbox 360 I recommend that you follow what XNA team is going to announce at GameFest tomorrow morning.  wow..let me guess.. coding ..managed code.. that translates to some programmatic way of doing something..! but what ..? i don’t know..but one thing i am sure of it has…