Wow.. DLL self help!

Did you ever struggle to know about which dll is included with which product, or which product include which dlls, or a if a specific dll is included with a specific product … ? I did.. multiple times. I just found a good section of which can help you with these. Have a look…


Insert from Scanner or Camera

Just I noticed [from a customer complain] that if you have word hosted [embedded] in any active document host, like Excel etc. and you try to do a Insert-> Image from Scanner or Camera, then word crashes. So what resolution do I have for this? not a great one ..I confess but, something is better then…


Oh ..I forgot to blog about this!

If you are using browser object to open Excel files or opening Office files in browser,the file type browser flags needs to be set to “Browse in the same window.” If not, the file opens in the Office application outside the browser object. This worked well in XP and/or Windows 2003 Server. But if you are…


Here Is A Question!

The title of my previous post was taken directly from on of my customers be frank even i was not very delighted when i came to know that ServerDocument.AddCustomization will automate office.. so the question to all of the VSTO/Office gurus around is …  if there is any other/better solution to the problem or if I’ve…


OWC Resources Hard To Find ?

A few days back i got a feedback from a customer that OWC resources are hard to find so i sent him a mail with all the resources i had, but then i thought how many times i did it in the past at least 9-10 times ! This is just an attempt to put all…


OWC Resources

The Office Web Components consist of the Spreadsheet Component, the Chart Component, the PivotTable Component, and the Data Source Component. Each includes Excel-like functionality and user interfaces. By using Office Web Components, users can publish data to the Web and preserve much of the power and interactivity of Excel. Office Web Components build upon the…


I wanna develop/deploy an addin but what on earth is load behaviour ..!!

Yes, again the same stuff. maybe its blogged many times but still there is some air of mystery going around it, I noticed this when I saw too many posts on this topic and also noticed that whenever I talk about load behavior with my customers I generally get a response similar to “Wow..good thing to…


Published New Articles

Just published some articles, it’s actually a collection of kb articles and i really appreciate kayodeok for his efforts; from whose site I got this fabulous collection. Have a look at I am also planning to include a Table Of Contents in my blog, what do you people think about it


Word: Automation – KB Jewels

ACC2000 How to Use Automation to Create a Word 2000 Merge Document (Q209882) ACC2000 How to Use Automation to Find a Location in a Word Document (Q210032) ACC2000 How to Use Automation to Find Bookmarks in Word 2000 Documents (Q209966) ACC2000 Sending the Current Record to Word 2000 with Automation (Q210271) HOW TO Add a…


Word: Mail Merge – KB Jewels

Word 2002 Mail Merge Resource Center ACC2000 Changing Your Data Source for a Word Mail Merge (Q198925) ACC2000 How to Import Word Print Merge Data Files into Microsoft Access (Q209612) ACC2000 How to Use a Secured Database in Word Mail Merge (Q208933) ACC2000 How to Use Automation to Run Word 2000 Mail Merge from Access…