What’s "Works on My Machine" Certification Program anyways ?

A few of my readers asked me, what’s do I mean by "Works on My Machine certified”, in my previous post. Here is the ans -  All of this thing started with Joseph Cooney – He got an interestingly funny and brilliant idea. Which, in itself, serves as a code disclaimer. Then Jeff Atwood(coding horror …


April Fool’s Day RFCs

Just found something very intresting on wikipedia.. Every April Fool’s Day (1 April) since 1989, the Internet Engineering Task Force has published one or more humorous RFC documents, following in the path blazed by the June 1973 RFC titled ARPAWOCKY. The following list also includes humorous RFCs published on other dates. Here Is a List…


XBOX 360 India Launch Commercial

One of the best launch commercials that I’ve seen till date..this features a very traditional looking looking village ..probably in maharashtra (going by their dress)..which became too XBox -ish.. Video: XBOX 360 India Launch Commercial


Whitespace Programming ? Yeah!

Found an intresting thing while web wandering, its an intresting thing to play with ! and please don’t slash me for  adding this post in humor catagory 🙂 below is an excerpt .. Most modern programming languages do not consider white space characters (spaces, tabs and newlines) syntax, ignoring them, as if they weren’t there….



Now what’s this ..? think of brrreeeport as a new kind of experiment , to compare search engines and more importantly to see the power of blogosphere! Maybe I am late(3 months 5 days 23 hrs and 27 minutes to be exact ) in joining but better late than never. The only advantage of being…


Introduction ….

I know maybe it’s a bit late, but better late than never 🙂 I am a Support Engineer in Microsoft Developer Support, my team is Office Integration and we deal issues where people try to integrate their products into Office Applications or Office into their products, and that’s why I keep on talking about office issues and /or…


Funny Video From IE Team

Cool Vids from IE Team…, Download and see according to your download speed 😉 offcourse thanks to sean alexander IE7_Big.wmv       (7.8MB)IE7_Medium.wmv (2.9MB)IE7_Small.wmv    (1MB)