Word 2007 “Save As Word XML document” and back without automation – 1

Did you even had a look at new Word XML File? or … like me, you also assumed that it’s going to be same or similar to Word 2003 XML? Yesterday … one of my fellow MSFT was  working on Packaging API to create and modify a document. We had a quick conversation … Manjunath…


Open XML for primary school goers

Ok ..I agree! I was not a simple-sober-studious-obedient-goodie-good student. I do remember when I was a primary school goer, whenever me or any of my friends wanted a leave, we almost always used the same letter template, just modifying a few fields. Yesterday, I was thinking about this. While working on an Open XML issue…


Tip: Getting text from a WordArt Shape

Here is a quick tip – Although you can’t get/modify the text from a WordArt Shape using “oDocument.Shapes(n).TextFrame.TextRange.Text”, but we can  modify the text using “oDocument.Shapes(n).TextEffect.Text”.     Technorati tags: Tips, QuickPick, Word+2007, Pranav+Wagh, Microsoft+Blogger del.icio.us tags: Tips, QuickPick, Word+2007, Pranav+Wagh, Microsoft+Blogger


How to do a "Save Copy As" In Word

Ever wondered how can you do a “Save Copy As” in word? Or why it’s not there?  well … I don’t know about why it’s not there, but I can tell you how to do it using custom code To do it, the first thing you need to know about is – IPersistFile interface, this…


Ask Me!

If you are here you already know atleast something about me, but just to set the expectations right; i am a Support Engineer in “Visual Studio Office Developer” team. Our goal is to provide developer technical support and resolve customer issues involving automation, extensibility, integration and development with the Microsoft Office family of products including Word, Excel,…