Consideration while installing Outlook 2007 without Word 2007

OK..I know the stuff below looks SDKized ..because I pulled it up from a document, just for an FYI for you New features of Outlook Editor that WILL work even without word Navigation via Thread Panning Hit Highlighting Business Cards Autoformat All autoformatting behaviors, with the exception of hyperlinks (see next section) will be disabled….


Word 2007 Mailmerge with some label types doesn’t give expected output

A few days ago I encountered this issue and surely it did take me a lot of time to understand what’s going wrong and why. In Word 2007 handling of labels is changed totally, now it reads label data form the XML files in  “%Program Files%\Microsoft Office\Office12\PAGESIZE”. Do you remember the dialog box below ?…


Connect with me

So, you want to connect with me .. good ! great to know.. believe me its easy ! There are many ways in which you can connect with me or maintain connections with me .. If you want to like something ..or don’t like something in any of the posts. Add comments to that specific…


A few days back I noticed something cool about Vista! did *you* notice?

  So, now you can set different volume levels for different sound sources! that *is* cool!   Tip: to get this volume mixer right click on volume icon and select “Volume Mixer” tags: Cool, QuickPick, Pranav Wagh, Microsoft Blogger Technorati tags: Cool, QuickPick, Pranav Wagh, Microsoft Blogger


Sorry for the last week ! Didn’t post anything because my dad was here

I am sorry that last week I didn’t  find time to post for you.. actually my dad came here so I had to give him time. Did I ever tell you about my dad? No ? oops ..maybe I missed that part. He is an artist. He is currently working in Indian School Of Bahrain…


Freedom and Coexistence: The XML World

Just came to know that Commonwealth of Massachusetts included Open XML as an acceptable document format for office applications along with the Open Document Format (ODF). Statement on ETRM v4.0 Public Review Comments – August 1, 2007 says that: The Commonwealth continues on its path toward open, XML-based document formats without reflecting a vendor or…


Download ADP 2007 for free (as in free beer)

My old blog followers will remember about this when I got the first news that its gonna be released.  Here is the link for the 2007 Access Runtime: Don’t forget to go through the blog of our own access team who blogged about it before I could Access Runtime Re-released . Hey Clint You got…


Vista "Open With" is abit confusing !(and I don’t want you to get confused)

Surely I wouldn’t want my readers to be confused by the same things. So, here it goes:   Issue – 1: When “Open With” dialog box is opened (for a known or unknown file extension),  “Always use the selected program ..” is checked by default   Issue – 2: When this dialog box is opened…


VSTO storage control not saving the updates after the first save

One more interesting issue! Here is the story : We had a VSTO customized document and we were trying to update the “cached data” in the doc but we found that it does not work after the first save (that is to say that for the first Save() everything is fine, but after that it…