Dear readers – My Windows Phone 7 App is Live!


Hello All -

I hope all of you've been doing fine! fantastic! supperb! well .. I am here to give you one more reason to feel more fantastic! supperb! and more empowered!!

My Windows Phone 7 App is unveiled It's called "Click Map".

ClickMap is an answer of all of your questions like .. "Where did I park my car?", "Where is my "x" friend right now? Which place is he talking about? never heard of it ..", "This pic is fantastic .. where did I click it?", "One of my friend has a fantastic pic of a beach, but he doesn't remember which one .. how can we find it?"

Please download it, use it .. give feedbacks! so that you get more goodness, and more love in the next version in the next version ..which is comming really really soon



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