One more step in the right direction, native ODF support in Office 2007 SP2

imageDid’ya see dat! I am pretty exited about these developments, As soon as these this is out I want to play with it and see how can this feature be utilized in Office Programmability scenarios

Are you surprised ? WHY ? It’s fairly consistent with our idea of promoting & encouraging freedom of choice.

Also, Microsoft will join the OASIS ODF Technical Committee, and users will be able to set ODF to be the default format in their Office Applications.

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  1. jackbond says:

    Shame that you guys wasted development time on a feature only Microsoft haters care about. Similiar to XP without media player to make the EU happy (of which there was zero demand for.)

    Thanks for your response jack!
    IMHO, It’s not about lovers or haters, it’s about freedom of choice.
    I remember, a few days back – I went to buy a pair of jean, in the first shop I checked, they had only levi’s jean, didn’t feel like buying from there.
    After roaming a few shops, finally bought levi’s jean from another shop!
    The reason was – they had jean from all the leading brands, I had a freedom to choose whatever I wanted.

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