Came to office for blogging ..but finally ended up playing with my new mobile

So ..sorry 🙁 no post for today .. Just wanted to let you guys know that I am playing with a new toy 🙂 Nokia N95 - It's a good thing. In fact it Wow'd me. Why did I like it.. well before buying the mobile I knew the following:

1) It has a great cam - 5MP (with carl zeiss lenses ).
2) Good sound quality ..
3) Symbian S60 - 3rd Edition OS.
4) In build GPS and Maps application (that I might never need to use)


Now, if it fulfills my 1, 2 and 3 expectation, then I would be  happy - but not wow'd. But in this case it did give me the first 3  +  after playing with its GPS and Map application, most of the time I see myself playing with 'em.

So, it basically gave me a lot more then I expected. I never thought I would  use GPS and Map in my whole life.. but this seems like an addiction ..

talk to you tomorrow ..

bye ..


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