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So, you want to connect with me .. good ! great to know.. believe me its easy !

There are many ways in which you can connect with me or maintain connections with me ..

If you want to like something ..or don't like something in any of the posts.

  • Add comments to that specific post ..

  • Post on your blog and link to that specific post.

If you want to express something about this blog overall (likes/dislikes/rants/raves)

  • Write in on your blog and give a trackback to this post

  • Just add a comment to this post.

Just to let you know I am also a member of Visit to discover Indian blogs

You may also want to join my reader community (hey..please do it ! ..see at the left ..) 

Or send me an email

Now, if you are really really stuck and just want to get your issue resolved  .. here are the options for you other then the above..

Open a support

Or actually you can check forums first before spending hard cash ..these forums are really good

Last but not the least are my policies ! 


Comments (2)

  1. So, you want to connect with me .. good ! great to know.. believe me i am pretty accssable There are

  2. manjunath khatawkar says:

    Hi Pranav,

            I’m working on a project which involves word automation. I have got most of it working and am facing issues generating the Word 2007 table of contents at runtime.

            What Word 2007 objects/properties/methods should I be using to add table of contents? Please point me to any articles/urls you have come across.

    Thanks a lot.


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