Vista "Open With" is abit confusing !(and I don’t want you to get confused)

Surely I wouldn't want my readers to be confused by the same things. So, here it goes:


Issue - 1:

When "Open With" dialog box is opened (for a known or unknown file extension),  "Always use the selected program .." is checked by default



Issue - 2:

When this dialog box is opened for a known file extension the "Other Programs" list *looks* empty by default. There are two ways to see the "Other Programs". Both are kindda confusing (see the callouts in the image below)


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Comments (6)

  1. I agree it’s confusing, badly so. But if you are an end user it’s probably good since it lowers the chance of them associating .docx to paint or something equally stupid.

  2. Pissed at Vista says:

    I can’t get it to work at all, I browse to another program, and it just wont let me.

  3. joe says:

    i was opening a software but i acciddently picked open with and i picked adobe but it said error and now every software i open always opens with adobe and i cant get the default back even when i change adobe to something else it still doesnt work. what do i do?

  4. Dave says:

    Open with in Vista is horrible and never works properly.

  5. DivProgram says:

    You can hold the Shift key and right click on a file to open an Open With dialog box, even after you’ve chosen "Always use the selected program".

  6. Wesley says:

    I also have a strange problem. With me I get the ‘open with’ dialog, but even after selecting FF3 for opening Html files, it still openes them in IE8. I checked the ‘always op with’ option, but FF isn’t even listed anywhere. I always have to select the physical location of FF to open it properly. I get the same result when selecting a different XML editor since the default one sucks bigtime for editing XML files.

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