Here comes Microsoft SDK for OpenXML Formats(and then comes WordPackage)

Surely, Office 2007 file formats are a boon for the people who wanted to use office file formats(generate docs) from their own tools/software and for those who wanted to modify documents on the server side. 

Yes, Doing so does require a lot a understanding of XML, XSLT, Packaging Apis etc. to reduce the curve we came up with Microsoft SDK for Open XML Formats which is a fantastic library.

Here is Brian's write up on the library: Open XML SDK – tech preview

When I saw list of people who posted about the Open XML formats SDK on Brian's blog:

  • Kevin Boske – Kevin gives a great example of how the new SDK can already significantly reduce the amount of code you need to write, simply by giving you strongly typed parts. I can't wait until we start adding some more scenario specific functionality.
  • Art Leonard – Art and Kevin were the two who first started prototyping the SDK towards the end of the Office 2007 cycle. As Art says:"If you remember the code snippets we've shipped, there were a lot of strings for relationship types, content types, and the like. This drop begins to abstract away things like that - allows us (as developers) to focus more on the task of writing our solutions - not on the file format's intricacies."
  • Erika Ehrli - Erika and Frank Rice worked on the help content and examples for the SDK.
  • Channel 9 Video – Chris, who's in the Office developer marketing group did a channel 9 interview discussing some of the motivations behind the SDK. Doug Mahugh and I will talk to the channel 9 folks either next week or the following to provide a few more details and go into some samples of what you can do.
  • Stephen McGibbon – Stephen shows a few screenshots from hits initial tests of the SDK.
  • Adam Wiener – Adam, who recently moved over to the interoperability team here at Microsoft talks about the general growth in tools we're seeing for the OpenXML formats. One super cool piece here that I was planning on covering in a separate blog is the news from Altova!
  • Crag Kitterman – Craig actually talks a bit more about Julien Chable's Java API which started up last week. It will be great to see how this project grows in parallel with the .Net one.
  • Doug Mahugh – Well, between his round the world trek to teach Open XML to developers (Nairobi; Mexico; San Francisco; Bogota; Santiago; San Paulo; Beijing; Kiev; Munich; and many others I didn't keep track of), and his current schedule at tech-ed, Doug hasn't had a chance to post much on the SDKs. I was talking with him yesterday though and he said he had a few things he wanted to talk about when he gets some free time.

It's surely is..but this makes me nervous! What am I doing? Why I am not contributing in it? Then came the answer ...  (not from my manager ;)). Why are you thinking about it ? Go! Contribute!

This is how came WordPackage ..what? why? where? when? I'll answer all the 'W' questions in my next post.


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  1. Surely, Office 2007 file formats are a boon for the people who wanted to use office file formats(generate

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