Who says I can’t make policies !


I frequently get user questions on my blog, and I always get confused about how to handle the user requests. Yesterday I discussed this with a few fellow blogger and came up with the following DOs for you..in the given sequence.

  1. If you are a  blogger and you have any question that you want me to answer, post it in your blog and give me a trackback.
  2. If you don't blog and you have any question related to my existing post, please post a comment.
  3. If the comments are disabled please use the "contact form".

And here are DOs for me

  1. Naturally, I have an inherent tilt towards bloggers. So, if you are doing (1) then you may get a priority. Hey ..others..I'll try to be as fair as possible.
  2. All the questions that I get using my "contact form" or "post comments" or from trackbacks, will be blogged with the names (no, don't worry I won't blog your email address.)
  3. well.. I have a job to do .. yeah, I don't get paid for blogging 🙂 so I won't be able to answer all the questions, but I will choose a few randomly
  4. If there is a question that will need some more research, I will let you know so that you can open a case with Microsoft Support or post your query online communities.

In a couple of days this page is replacing my "Ask Me" page. As I think this post pretty much explains how to "Ask Me" any questions !



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