Office 2007 SP1 has arrived .. enjoy !

Were you waiting for the SP ?   ..available for installation here. Have a look at for further info. The download does not include Visio and Project SP, you can download those from : Visio Project tags: Pranav Wagh, Office 2007, Microsoft Blogger Technorati tags: Pranav Wagh, Office 2007,…


Stay tuned for some good OpenXML stuff

I’ve got opportunity to work on some really really challenging OpenXML cases, looks like you’ll get some good posts on it in this or next week, so stay tuned. One of the interesting post will be:  How to  use CustomXMLPart and CustomXMLNode to store your metadata.   Technorati tags: Pranav Wagh, Microsoft Blogger, OpenXML, Announcement…


Came to office for blogging ..but finally ended up playing with my new mobile

So ..sorry 🙁 no post for today .. Just wanted to let you guys know that I am playing with a new toy 🙂 Nokia N95 – It’s a good thing. In fact it Wow’d me. Why did I like it.. well before buying the mobile I knew the following: 1) It has a great…


Command-line, the old beast ..

If you come from a oldies group (I don’t mean the age ..please! ). I mean ..if you’ve been into dev since gud’ ol’ C days) then passing/using command-line arguments might seem natural to you. But the problem is.. I would expect that every application which supports command line argument *should*  also support a standard…


Mails that I really, really don’t want to receive – 3

I really don’t want to bother writing a lot on this – you guys already know this and use it day in and day out. Why am I listing it ? just for the sake of completeness! ————- MAGIC #3Open Microsoft Word and type=rand (200, 99) And then press ENTERThen see the magic… ————-  …


A great WebCast by Doug ! don’t miss it ..

As we all know, SP3 was released on Tuesday, 9/18. SP3 contains many security updates for the Office 2003 client and server products. Doug Jessen will deliver a web cast covering SP3 deployment on Wednesday at 10:00 am PST (12 noon CST). He has been a support engineer with Microsoft for more than seven years….


Mails that I really, really don’t want to receive – 2

Here is one more – ————– MAGIC #2For those of you using Windows, do the following:1.) Open an empty notepad file2.) Type “Bush hid the facts” (without the quotes) 3.) Save it as whatever you want.4.) Close it, and re-open it. ————– This one is kindda intelligent, but I’ve read it so many times that…


Mails that I really, really don’t want to receive – 1

I held of this post for a few weeks, but now – I am sooo pissed off that I really need to yell. I mean.. it’s a bit too much, how come in every few months a new somebody can discover the same thing. I did keep my cool for a few years – but…


Use server capabilities of VSTO ..(and you’ll need to play a bit with IIS)

This was one really really interesting case that I handled a few days back. A real long case with a real cooperative customer (Somehow I am always lucky in that regard) So .. here is the background. There is a great sample on MSDN which demonstrates server capabilities of VSTO. There is even one more…


Were you wondering why did I change my blog to full feed ? Here is why ..

============================== —–Original Message—–From: XXXXXXXXXXXX@XXXXXXXXXXXX.XXX Sent: Friday, August 24, 2007 2:39 PMTo: Pranav WaghSubject: (Pranav … Blogging) : I love your blog, but…Importance: High I really like reading your blog. You write everything from almost any topic and make them interesting. I read your blog using your RSS feed in FeedDemon. The problem is that after…