April Fool’s Day RFCs

Just found something very intresting on wikipedia..

Every April Fool's Day (1 April) since 1989, the Internet Engineering Task Force has published one or more humorous RFC documents, following in the path blazed by the June 1973 RFC titled ARPAWOCKY. The following list also includes humorous RFCs published on other dates.

Here Is a List !!

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  1. Amith says:

    What does RFC stand for?

    Well, thanks for asking ! RFC is request for comments, The official source for RFCs on the World Wide Web is the RFC Editor. Unofficially, they are obtainable from a multitude of mirrors accessible via the HyperText Transfer Protocol, anonymous FTP, the gopher protocol, and other prominent application layer protocols.
    The RFC Editor issues each RFC document with a unique serial number. Once issued a numerical identifier and published, an RFC is never rescinded or modified; if the document requires amendments, the authors publish a revised document; therefore, some RFCs make others obsolete. Together, the serialized RFCs compose a continuous historical record of the evolution of Internet standards.
    For more details http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2026

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