XBOX 360 India Launch Commercial

One of the best launch commercials that I've seen till date..this features a very traditional looking looking village ..probably in maharashtra (going by their dress)..which became too XBox -ish..

Video: XBOX 360 India Launch Commercial

Comments (5)

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  2. Sharath says:

    This xbox 360 ad (for india) beats the above version

    Yeah surely does..:)

  3. chetan says:

    boss…excellent ad…no doubts….can u get the XBOX ad  that is flashed on MTV..thats a killer

  4. durlabhm says:

    Amazin. For a change, good job with advertising.

  5. Lali says:

    i thought the only movement in the entire ad was jumping in the air.. does this mean that xbox360 makes you jump in the air??!!

    Some of the features of xbox360 should have been displayed in the ad

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