Meeting With BillG – Why My Dad Is Not A President

The first thought i had after reading this ..”if only my dad were a president …” 🙂Dare narrates his meeting with bill gates, offcourse with his uncanny eye to detail, and as always if you read his post fully you will know a few more things that you didn’t know before ..(e.g. in this case……


XBOX 360 India Launch Commercial

One of the best launch commercials that I’ve seen till date..this features a very traditional looking looking village ..probably in maharashtra (going by their dress)..which became too XBox -ish.. Video: XBOX 360 India Launch Commercial


Finally I Got A Wallop Invitation

Yeah..i was looking for it since days! well orkut is good but still i was curious to use wallop, and public thanks to Lawrence for this invitation, how did he get the invitation ? hehe he’s got a contact :).  You can have a look at my wallop homepage (yes, its still almost empty…


Ask Me!

If you are here you already know atleast something about me, but just to set the expectations right; i am a Support Engineer in “Visual Studio Office Developer” team. Our goal is to provide developer technical support and resolve customer issues involving automation, extensibility, integration and development with the Microsoft Office family of products including Word, Excel,…


Blog Got Updated To CSS 2.1

Still ..customizing my CSS … you may see some strange things, bad look..and all of that sort, but don’t worry. All is well that ends well !