Lost Blog Power ?

Scoble is asking ..did he loose his blog power

Hey believe me you are still populer and we all love you .. atleast at MS, every now and then your topic comes in our internal blogging alias

but the question is did you really loose your "blog power"... i don't think, but i don't know ! 🙁 you never linked me !!

I can give some honest feedback (for whatever its worth), I remember your previous postings where you were quick in taking charge of the direction of comments. It looked like a communication. Now-a-days it looks like you don't see comments to your post after you have posted the next. I know you are busy but the solution is simple ..do it a bit less ..yeah Rick is right "you don't have to do multiple posts per day"

(and i still disagree that blogcamp is bigger then techcrunch is a population effect)

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  1. bluesaze says:

    I donno when he recently linked to be relating to the blogcamp event I hardly saw a rise in the number of hits … My hits increased by a 100 for a day thats about it.


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