XNA Game Studio Express

So ..my guess was very incorrect http://blogs.msdn.com/pranavwagh/archive/2006/08/1... it looks like it was real big..! XNA team announced during the Gamefest 2006-event in Seattle, the XNA Game Studio Express. Like the name says, it is a development tool to allow developers, hobbyists and students to write games for the PC and XBox360. (and its free..!). It was created to tackle with the following issues..

  • Most of the people on game teams are artists and story tellers, yet all of the “telling” is owned by the coders, who would rather work on engines.
  • There is very little innovation because of financial risk averseness.
  • Burnout on teams is very high, and there aren’t enough new people coming out of the schools to backfill.
  • Even if you do get a relevant degree, it is hard to get into the industry because of a certain amount of elitism.
  • It is too hard to build games – in the technical code build sense. Art assets are complicated and intertwined and your C++ linker doesn’t do anything to help.
  • Creating a game is hard. The APIs, tools and such have all been written with the expert coder in mind. Unfortunately, the best game designers are usually not the best coders.
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