Welcome Windows Live Writer !!

Sorry guys i had to keep my mouth shut for many days...!  actually since a month (i guess ) i was blogging using dogfood builds of the cool new product from Microsoft..Windows..Live ..Writer ..!  no ..don't get confussed its not only for using with windows live, it supports most of the comman blogging formats like atom api, metaweblog api etc. and most important thing is .. its very cost effective..yeah free..!!! you heard it right !!!! (and we are not bundling it with our OS so ..;) don't cry )

I know your next question is why ? when Word 2007 already has that capibility .. why are we giving out two products with the same intension ..no we are not doing it .. both are for different people.. if you use Word 2007 very often ..then you can use word for blogging but if you don't use it please don't buy word just for blogging ..(unless you are habitual of buying a AK - 47 for killing birds 🙂 )

so the download link for live writer is http://download.microsoft.com/download/f/9/a/f9a19f2d-cec4-4a25-9b0b-eb9655ea7561/Writer.msi  if you want to know more about it you can check the page of windows live writer team blog http://windowslivewriter.spaces.live.com  below is a pic..and if you are thinking about the right hand insert pane..yes you are right ! windows live writer comes with an SDK so that you can extend it to do whatever (you know i don't actually mean whatever ) you want !

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