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Published new article..about ways, and issues associated with using ADO with excel, initially I published it as a post and then removed it from there, and hey mike..(in case you don't know this gentleman gave a comment to that post "what a useless post") maybe it’s a useless post if you look at it isolated but I will tell you when it becomes very important (we call it Sev A).

Actually Server Side Automation Of Office of excel and other office applications is something that many people use but unfortunately as office was made for interactive usage. Server Side Automation is not a recommended or even supported approach. Now if you have a excel application that automates excel on the server side(you made it because you never knew about the issues associated with it). And then you come to know that this is a bad approach what do you do ..?? in *many* cases the only approach left is using ADO to pull the data out of excel and to put the data out of excel ..hence the post.

Btw the URL of the post is and mike you are again welcome to do the comments 😉

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