It seems that PostXING does not support blogger API

I tried multiple times but i was not able to submit to blogger, it seems that
PostXING supports only  Metaweblog API and blogger
uses Atom
, but still i needed a final opnion so sent the following mail to Chris Frazier

Sorry to bother, i know you are too busy to answer. but i thought its
worth a try.. i am using your software PostXING, its really cool. actually found
it at such a right time when i have already finished 30% of my own blogging
tool, but i guess now its not needed. You did a great job !!
The question i
had is .. can PostXING use Atom API ? in other words can i post on blogger using
your tool..?"

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  1. The answer is unfortunately, not yet. There are plans to make it happen, but it just hasn’t been worked out in code. When implemented, the Atom provider should have the same results as the mwapi provider as far as functionality. Thanks for your kind words on PostXING.

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