So we are planning to have a way..!! good news

I just checked with my VSTO team contact andrew and i got the info in his own words

 "This is not supported in VSTO 2005.We're looking at what is the best way forward for this feature request in VSTO 'v3'."

and i am sure you people know why to believe on his words..!!

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  1. Are you referring to ‘my’ solution with this blog-item?

    If you do, guess how I got the solution 🙂

    In fact I wanted to dynamically create worksheets in an early Beta 1 stage of VSTO 2. At that time it was possible. Beta 2 was a bit harder to do (remember the refreshing of the VBProject) and in RTM it officially was not supported anymore, you also found that confirmed in the MSDN article. But… it still works, supported or not 😉

  2. Pranav Wagh says:

    No Marten, i am not refreing to your solution, because although it was real good but finally we don’t know whats gonna happen in the next version so i had a talk with Andrew Whitechapel, and he told me that we are thinking about "what is the best way forward for this feature request in v3"  

  3. If you guys follow my post i discussed about marten’s way of converting clasic worksheet to extended…

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