Things to remember while designing VSTO 2005 solutions

Programmatic Limitations of Host Controls For each host item and host control there is an underlying native Word or Excel object which can be accessed via the InnerObject property of the host item or host control.  You cannot however, cast a native object to it’s host item or host control. Host items are not created…


Installation requirements for VSTO 2005

Installation Requirements for the Development System One of the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System Software Editions or Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office One of the following editions of Microsoft Office 2003 with Service Pack 1 or later. Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003. Microsoft Office Professional Enterprise Edition 2003. Microsoft Office Excel 2003….


Try Try and try again

(Post 1) Just got hold of My.Blogs outlook addin, I always felt that why I can not post in msdn blogs using outlook, I think this is the answer, lets see..!! (Post 2) Initially it didn’t work, then while researching came to know about metablog api, trying once again…!  


Refactor! for Visual Basic 2005

Simplify Your Visual Basic Code More and more developers are recognizing that simple, easy-to-read code is the key to application flexibility and easy maintenance. Managers are realizing that easy maintenance means low cost maintenance. If you know in your heart that parts of your code base could be better, but uncertainty about maintenance cost or…


What’s in Visual Basic 2005 for the Visual Basic 6.0 Developer

I admit that when I tried to create my first VB.NET application I wasn’t that comfortable, and when I tried to convert my VB 6.0 application in VB.NET, the upgrade wizard failed for even the simplest things, I always missed old VB, but now it seems that the world is changing with VB .NET 2005…


Accessing database in a secured way from InfoPath ?

The real issue which exists here is, InfoPath xsn file is a combination of XML files with is finally nothing but somthing that is very readable, so even if you create a secured database, and in the connection string you provide the user name & password; its stored in the XML file…!!! fully readable please…


Security Consideration of Caching:

As you know, the first time a form template is opened, InfoPath copies it into a folder with a random name in its cache. Every time the form template is opened after that, Infopath checks the original location of the form template to see if it has been updated. If so, the cache copy is…


how to allow Administrator chosen certificates to work, but not allow users to trust new certificates ?

There is no direct way to force users NOT to trust a form, but Installing the form copies its name into the Registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\11.0\InfoPath\SolutionsCatalog. “Users” don’t have write access to this key. Only read access.  They’d be able to open fully-trusted forms, but not trust new ones. Then comes the digitally signed form Digitally…



I really hate to give you this plain ..old … boring message.. but i was a bit busy since i created this blog.  I also took a couple of vacations first one to go to GOA (if you know whats that you are lucky… 😉 ), other one to go to meet my parents …(YES, IT…