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  1. cheerfulwish says:

    I have downloaded the solution and set the login page as the path "~/layouts/LdapContosoAuthentication/Login.aspx"  with correct file names, then i get the message 404 page not found.

  2. aru says:

    nice post

  3. Ranjan says:


    Could you help me in understanding where the FedAuth cookie is getting set in the whole flow.


  4. Amir says:

    "But it seems not possible as you are still not logged in." –  What if we use Sharepoint.webcontrols.UnsecuredLayoutsPageBase rather than System.UI.Page. Shouldn't it work.

  5. Adnan says:

    Hello Parnab

    good articale. but i am facing a problem while impementing this solution. i think i am missing some thing importantn. i have build a simple sp2010 application page and deployed it in 14 hive. when i tried to set that page as my login page i am keep geting chalanged for user name and password. even i provide valid domain username and password i hv been kicked out. please help me out.



  6. Al says:

    How are you handling Remember Me functionality?

  7. Amit says:

    Hi Vivek,

    Just follow the steps to add your .dll file

    1. Drop the .dll into the GAC of your sharepoint server

    2. Edit the "<SafeControls>" section of your web.config

    3. Now go to the Site Actions->Site Seetings->Galleries->Webpart

    4. Use the Upload menu option to upload your file.

    For more details on Sharepoint 2010/ Sharepoint 2007 please visit

  8. Mahesh says:

    Great article, really saved our time



  9. Vivek says:


    This is a great article. I am using Share Point 2010 but I am using Visual Studio 2008. I want to accomplish the same task but with VB.NET and I dont see an option to create an Empty Share Point Project in my Visual Studio 2008. I was thinking of creating a simple project and then creating a SampleLogin.ASPX.

    But after I create that project i have to deploy the Dlls and Page to some specific locations. Can you please tell me where should I drop these new dll and page on my share point server?



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