Best Practices – Azure App Service and Java Application

Recently we migrated an application used by 170 thousand users to Azure PaaS. This application has 3 tier model. The web tier uses HTML5 and ReactJS. The application tier uses Java and for Database we used Azure SQL DB. There was good amount of learning and I thought I should share those for everyone’s benefit….


How to use Azure Redis Cache with Java using Lettuce

I was looking for an option of using Azure Redis cache with Java. I found the article: This uses the Java client called Jedis. Unfortunately, till the time of writing this blog post, Jedis doesn’t have SSL option and my customer needs SSL. Hence, I had to find a different client and found Lettuce (….


Sizing Elasticsearch on Azure IaaS

Are you an architect? Does your work involve Azure IaaS and PaaS? Then sooner or later you will find yourself in a situation where your customer will ask you this question (if not already did). Now, sizing is a tricky business. Primarily involves 2 parts – find an optimum server/VM and then find out how…


VS 2013 Coded Web Performance Test with RAW JASON data in body

I was working for a customer to run Web test and Load test on their Java based APIs hosted on Azure IaaS VMs. I was desperately looking for some coded Web test which will send custom header and will Post RAW data (JSON) in body. But couldn’t locate any such example. Once created and tested…


SQL Server 2012 MDS and SharePoint 2013 Integration

Recently I worked in a demo preparation with my Colleagues who are SQL/BI experts. They were preparing a demo on SQL Server MDS capability. Part of the presentation was to start a workflow within SharePoint if any changes happen in Master Data. They asked me to assist them in this part. I started looking into…


Unit Testing JavaScript/JQuery in ASP.Net MVC Project using QUnit Step by Step

The latest Razor View Model of ASP.Net MVC 3/MVC 4 uses considerable amount of JavaScript/JQuery. Sometimes the ActionResult returned by the Controller methods are refined further using JQuery methods before the result in the view. It’s very common when we are returning JSON formatted output from the controller method. We have various options to run…


Tools and Mechanisms available for Unit Test on ASP.Net MVC (Razor) Application

One of the great things about ASP.Net MVC is easy implementation of Unit Tests. In fact while you start with an ASP.Net MVC application you get an option to create a Unit Test Project along with the MVC Project. But for a regular ASP.Net developer, ASP.Net MVC and especially the Razor View Engine (in MVC3/MVC4)…


SharePoint User Migration– AD to ADFS

1 Introduction We have a good number of guidance articles and documents on SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 migration and also on classic to claim migration for SharePoint 2010 in both Technet and MSDN. But there is no step by step guide to follow if someone wants migrating their existing SharePoint 2007 content with existing users…


Issue with SharePoint Workspace and Outlook calendar delegation

Scenario:Let’s say we have a user called User-A. User-A delegated his/her calendar to User-B. User-B has full authority to accept/decline meeting requests on behalf of User-A. Now, another user User-C sent a SharePoint Workspace Meeting Request to User-A. If User-A accepts/rejects this request by himself/herself, it will reflect in the SharePoint Workspace. But if User-B…


SharePoint 2010: Import User Profile photos from file system

So, you have successfully deployed User Profile Service and Mysite with SharePoint 2010. Now, the question is how to populate the users’ profile photo.  The general expectation around SharePoint 2010 is each user will upload their individual profile photo. Lot of people may disagree, reason – well, a user can upload their pet’s photo or favorite…