Get set, Go!

I am a developer on WPF editing team. I have been on this team for little over 1 year now. It has been an awesome year for me and I have learnt a great deal about WPF. Ofcourse, there is so much more to learn from the myriad powerful features WPF offers you.

I have found blogs by fellow WPF bloggers to be an amazing source of information. I always wondered if one day I should take the plunge and start blogging myself. This morning looked like a perfect sunny Seattle morning to do that, so here I am, blogging!


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  1. balekai says:


    This is not a comment,i have one problem,

    i want to print whole canvas content in wpf and i want it shluld come in page wise,do u can help me.if u have the code snipped please send to my mail id



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