Auto-detecting Hyperlinks in RichTextBox – Part I

In this post, we will see a custom RichTextBox implementation that auto-detects Hyperlinks while typing. In a later post, I will demonstrate how auto-detection can be done on paste command. Both these parts together enable complete auto-detect support for hyperlinks in a RichTextBox. For simplicity, in this demo, my code detects the string as a hyperlink….


Customize RichTextBox to allow only plain text input (with custom ContextMenu)

In this post, we will look at a custom RichTextBox implementation. In V1, TextBox selection highlight is not extensible and TextBox schema is restricted to plain text only. Often customers want a “rich” TextBox, where they can apply formatting properties (such as bold, underline) to Runs of text. I coded a sample that demonstrates how one…


FlowDocument Content Model

A while ago, I made up a UML diagram to illustrate WPF FlowDocument content model. This diagram is useful to understand the inheritance hierarchy of TextElement implementations and their TextElementCollection members. Check out the full diagram here. The one aspect of content schema this diagram doesn’t capture, is the fact that Hyperlink elements cannot be nested. Hope this helps!


eLearning clinics for .NET FX 3.0 (WPF, WWF and WCF) are live and FREE for a limited time!

I wanted to spread the word on this  great opportunity for all you .NET developers out there. Enjoy! This collection of 3 2-hour premium clinics teaches about the new capabilities provided by the .NET Framework 3.0. These clinics are for experienced Developers and Software Architects who are looking to adopt Microsoft’s next generation technology within their…


Get set, Go!

I am a developer on WPF editing team. I have been on this team for little over 1 year now. It has been an awesome year for me and I have learnt a great deal about WPF. Ofcourse, there is so much more to learn from the myriad powerful features WPF offers you. I have found blogs by…