WDriven – Use Word Templates to Integrate with TFS Server

WDriven is a Microsoft WORD document template integrated with Microsoft Team Foundation Server. It enables you to communicate and collaborate on Visual Studio 2005 Team System projects from within Microsoft Word. Through VSTS Smart Tags, you can add/edit/track work items.Tables of Items gives you an overview on all the works items referred by your documents….


PureText 2.0 to cut out pasting to notepad

I downloaded this time-saving utility after reading about it in Duncan Mackenzie’s blog (Removing Word’s Formatting from text before pasting into .Text or other apps…). I put applications on a two-week probation period before choosing to keep them or not, but this one was an instant winner. Like Michael Swanson, I used Notepad to scrub…


Free Wizard to Create C# Typed Collections in VS 2003

Via the mailbag… We used something similar to this tool when making our automation libraries for Whidbey.  It comes in handy when you work with lots of collections. Page: http://www.geekproject.com/tools.aspx#9 Description This is a wizard for C# in Visual Studio .NET 2003 which creates custom typed collections. The wizard will generate code for the collection…


HelpStudio Lite to Author Help Content in VS 2005

 From the MSDN Forums… The VS 2005 SDK contains a new tool for authoring Help and integrating it with VS 2005. The tool is called HelpStudio Lite. It is lightweight version of the full HelpStudio product, developed by Innovasys. HelpStudio Lite is recommended for anyone extending VS 2005 – for example, by creating add-ins, controls, or packages. …


FlashControl to add Flash in Asp.Net 2.0

From the mailbag… FlashControl is a simple way to include Flash movies in your ASP.NET 2.0 projects ! This free server control can be added in Visual Studio 2005 Toolbox so you can just drag and drop it in your aspx pages.FlashControl manage all Flash properties (FlashVars, Loop, Menu, Scale, BgColor, SwLiveConnect, Quality, Play, Base,…


Treemap Visual View of Hard Drive Contents

Not exactly developer related, but I was having a lot of fun just seeing what’s taking up so much of the space on my laptop this Holiday season. This tool is great for doing just that and a little bit of early spring cleaning. http://www.win.tue.nl/sequoiaview/    


PageMethods: Well-defined URLs for your ASP.NET sites and applications

Via Fabrice PageMethods for Visual Studio 2005 has just been released. This version offers the same support as the version for VS 2003, plus some additional features.PageMethods proposes a new code model that enables well-defined URLs and simplifies working with hyperlinks for your ASP.NET sites and applications. PageMethods enables reliable URLs.Linking to a web page…


Right Click -> New Microsoft Visual Studio Solution

Via Robin Curry File this one under “Why didn’t I think of that?!” Peter Provost created a ShellNew extension for Visual Studio Solutions to allow you to right click and add a new solution to any folder without the heavy-handed way Visual Studio does it. Nice!   Install Instructions: http://www.peterprovost.org/archive/2005/10/25/8982.aspx


CR_Documentor – Another Code Documentation Utility

Via Paraesthesia Lutz Roeder, a fantastic developer of ultra-helpful tools, took his “Documentor” application – which allowed a developer to preview what XML document comments would look like rendered into end-user documentation – down from his site. He was nice enough to send me the source for it, though, so I’ve converted it into a…


QuickdocViewer Add-In for XML Comment Viewing

Via the mailbag I discovered a tool that’s pretty complimentary to the VBCommenter.  The Quickdoc Viewer is an add-in module for the Microsoft Visual Studio.net IDE which offers a simple WYSIWYG XML to HTML previewer for XML based documentation comments. According to the author the main motivation for this Visual Studio.net add-in is, to be able…