Cool New Whidbey File Commands

These all look pretty cool and I really like what Gaston did earlier for the VS 2003 file tab commands. Enjoy – Josh In the context menu of the project we have:   Collapse all projects Open Project Folder Visual Command Prompt Here  In the context menu of the text views we have:   Demo Font…


Free Visual Studio Partner Product DVD

I should have covered this a long time ago, but I was reminded today by Brian that we offer a free VSIP partner product DVD. I can’t tell from the site which ones are the full versions and which ones are only demos, but it doesn’t cost much to find out.   More Details:…


Xaml Viewer for Whidbey

Gaston Milano posted a VSIP based Xaml viewer for Whidbey. “Features: Right click in xaml files to call to the viewer. Switch from viewer to associated file Show errors in output window and task list, so you can go to the line with double click. Call the viewer directly from View\Other Windows\Xaml Viewer Text to…


Visual Assist X from Whole Tomato Software

People send me mail that asks “What about Visual Assist X?”.  This blog gets comments like “Tool X is nothing compared to the Whole Tomato stuff”.  In chats I’ve seen “Why don’t you guys just buy the Whole Tomato stuff and ship it in the box?”.  I’ll admit, they do some great work through our…


Regular Expression Language Service

At TechEd the VS Extensibility team held a “feature cook-off” where the audience was given choices of new features and the team had to code them live in 45 minutes. One of the features chosen was a VS language service that recognized regular expressions and colored them according to a table. This project is now available here. …


Annotation Package

Do you want to be a part of this cool VSIP package that allows you to annotate your source code and share your comments with other team members? If so Dr Extensibility (Dr eX) has a great project for you and him to build. Visit here for more information. If you have any stumper question on…


Spices.VSIP.Net development build obfuscation verification debug deploy

Spices.VSIP.Net delivers full features set of Spices.Net into Visual Studio, now you can expand you development – analyze, build, obfuscate, debug, verify and deploy your apps with Spices.Net. Check it out here:


ClrUnit: Unit Testing Framework with VS Integration inspired by JUnit

From John Lewicki  comes a new Unit Testing framework for VS integrated as a VSIP package.  In his words: Load your unit tests automatically after every build Double click navigation to source files for test fixtures and test cases (for languages that support the VS CodeModel). Run or debug your test within a single instance…


“Close All But This” and more Whidbey commands now in VS 2003!!!

This is pretty cool. Gaston couldn’t wait for Whidbey so he coded up some of our little IDE enhancements as a package for VS 2003 users.  Jason, the IDE PM who drove the Whidbey improvements, was impressed when I showed him. 🙂 From the Site: Close All but this  ( Close all document windows but this)…


Creating a Help Collection Using the Help Integration Wizard Beta

Via Robert I discovered the Help Integration Wizard.  From Roberts Post: A team at Microsoft had FINALLY made it dirt-simple to create an integrated VS.NET help collection, without making it ridiculously convoluted, aka the VSHIK. They laughed and assured me that the tool would be online soon. Well, two weeks later, here it is. If…