If I had to rename this blog, what would you call it?

Hi all, I’m Sara Ford, a Program Manager on the Developer Solutions team.  I’m going to be helping Josh with this Power Toys blog.  On my personal blog, I asked the question What sort of tools would you expect to see under “Power Toys for Visual Studio”?   Another way of asking the same question is to say, if I absolutely had to rename this blog to Power Toys for ________ blog, what would go into the blank?  Does Power Toys for Visual Studio make sense?  Or would you like me to leave well-enough alone?  =)

Feel free to leave comments or drop me a note.

Thanks for the help!

Comments (4)

  1. Dasher says:

    Unless you’re going to be able to use the power toys for something else (office maybe) or your own apps (integration, etc) – then leave well enough alone.

    If there isn’t enough traffic – then maybe we need some more powertoys! 🙂

    Something I’d welcome.

    I can provide a list if you want…

  2. bigbrains says:

    "Power Toys 4 .NET"



  3. pauledw says:

    Powertoys are not just for Christmas……

  4. WindowsObserver says:


    How about Visual Power Toys?


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