CoolCommands Refference Manager for Visual Studio 2005 RTM

I ported CoolCommands to visual studio RTM CoolCommands includes: – Reference Manager – Collapse All Project, Command Prompt Here, Open Project Folder, Demo Font and Wheel Font Zooming The Navigation Window power tool it is not included probably in the next version it will be.   Installation   –  Unzip (ie: c:\coolcommands ) -…


RE: Paint.NET, the open source MS Paint killer

Not exactly developer related, but this is the best free lightweight imaging tool I’ve found. I’ve been using it for the last year, but this post on download squad reminded me that I should post it here. Josh [Via Download Squad] Okay, it doesn’t take much to be an "MS Paint killer," and probably any…


Right Click -> New Microsoft Visual Studio Solution

Via Robin Curry File this one under “Why didn’t I think of that?!” Peter Provost created a ShellNew extension for Visual Studio Solutions to allow you to right click and add a new solution to any folder without the heavy-handed way Visual Studio does it. Nice!   Install Instructions:


CR_Documentor – Another Code Documentation Utility

Via Paraesthesia Lutz Roeder, a fantastic developer of ultra-helpful tools, took his “Documentor” application – which allowed a developer to preview what XML document comments would look like rendered into end-user documentation – down from his site. He was nice enough to send me the source for it, though, so I’ve converted it into a…