Read Blogs Without Leaving Visual Studio

Jon, the creator of SharpTools, sent me mail to let me know about his latest creation... a plugin that lets you read blogs indide the Visual Studio IDE.  I've gave it a shot and I have to say that it looks pretty cool.  

From the site.

This open source plugin ships as part of SharpTools 2.0 and is a full-featured RSS / Blog aggregator which integrates into the familiar dockable panes of the Visual Studio.NET IDE. You're gonna love it when you start blogging from within the development environment! Features include:

  • Support for folders or individual feeds
  • Drag-and-drop support for feeds and folders
  • Preview a new feed as you add it
  • Easy control of all feed properties
  • Automatic and on-demand refresh of feeds
  • Automatic feed search based on a site URL
  • Keyword searching for published feedsusing Synic8
  • Keyword search within all subscribed feeds
  • Import of feed subscriptions from an OPML file

Comments (7)

  1. Jon Schwartz says:

    Josh, thanks again for the blog and the kudos. Our web server is whining about the traffic, but noone else is. 🙂 I had to comment to tell you: SharpTools is very much a team effort, a team creation – not mine. Hats off to Jonah Stagner and Walt Morrison, the other guys who have been working well and hard on SharpTools for a long time to get to here!

  2. josh ledgard says:

    No problem. Glad to know I still have influence with this site. 🙂

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